Plug-in Development

Are you a developer comfortable in C++ and interested in developing plug-ins for TunerPro? The latest TunerPro plug-in SDK is available from this page. Please contact me for credentials to download it.

Please note that the SDK is currently in beta form along with TunerPro version 5. This means that the plug-in interfaces may change with subsequent beta releases of the SDK and of TunerPro version 5. This may break your plug-in and require you to recompile your plug-in with the latest SDK. During the beta process it is recommended that you maintain your plug-in with the latest available SDK to ensure your plug-in is compatible with the latest build of TunerPro Version 5. Your patience and feedback are appreciated.

TunerPro Plug-in SDK Download

5.00.9513 (4/15/2022): Download

  • Shows proper use of TPP_EMU_CAP_REALTIMEMULATION and TPP_EMU_CAP_CHIPEMULATION capability flags for emulation.

5.00.8373 (4/23/2014): Download

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