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Below is a little bit of information on and pictures of my Trans Am. I bought the car in February of 1996 from a close friend of mine (I always told him to let me know if he ever wanted to sell it and one day he called me on it).

The car is a 1989 Pontiac Trans Am originally equipped with a 5.0 liter (305) LB9 TPI, 5-speed Manual (T5WC) transmissions, 3.08 posi rear-end with all the fixin's (AC, T-Tops, WS6 Performance package, etc).

On a late February weekend in 2001 (actually, the weekend before moving to the Seattle Area from the Bay Area to start a new job) I decided to swap out the 305 for a 350 (L05 roller block) and have the transmission rebuilt since the original engine/tranny had 189,000 miles (the engine still ran nearly perfect, but the transmission was starting to miss first gear now and then). Took me 3 days, but I got it done. In fact, I pulled into the driveway after the first test drive *literally* at the same time the auto-relocation truck pulled up to pick the car up for shipment to Seattle. Talk about pressure and timing!!

Current mods:

350 roller (lifter) block swap
ProTopline Lightning aluminum heads
Comp Cams Pro Magnum 1.52 Full roller rockers
SLP runners
SLP throttle body airfoil
Lightly ported plenum
Edelbrock full roller (double) timing chain
Hooker 2055 Headers and Y-Pipe (all ceramic coated)
Flowmaster 2-chamber exhuast
Spohn Rear LCA's and panhard
Accel 24 lb injectors (after the original 19 lb'ers took a dump at 205,000)
Obviously some mods to the ECM (for bin switching, emulation, and other test hardware).
Custom Chip (ya' think?)
White gauge faces
140 MPH speedo (stock was 120)

I've got a number of things I'd like to do and some things I *need* to do. Proceeds for TunerPro will be used to maintain this car!

During the period between Summer 2005 and Winter 2005/2006, I rebuilt the interior with the help of a friend of mine. The rebuild included replacing all weatherstripping (T-Top, Door, etc), rust mitigation and prevention (only minor rust was found in the center T-top structure underneath the T-Bar), new carpet (incl. cargo), headliner, sail panels, visors, seats (front and rear), various interior panels, complete stereo re-wire, new speakers all around (including JL 10" sub), new door handles, cleaned/greased latch mechanisms, and more. See pictures below...

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Nice, huh...


Engine Swap (February 2001)

Ready to lift the old 189,000 mile (and still running stong) block out...

Hmm, would a 454 fit in there?

That's quite a big block you got there...

Ready to drop the new 350 in...

Heads/Headers/Cam/Etc (February '05)

Heads Up


Open Heart Surgery

View From the Top


Interior Swap/Rebuild (Summer '05 through Winter '06)

Everything out

To the rear

A blank canvas

Rust Mitigation

The original T-Bar (RUSTY!)

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