TunerPro Free & RT v3.03 now available!

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TunerPro Free & RT v3.03 now available!

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Hi guys. Its been a while since the last release (6 weeks!). Craig and I have been working hard on the AutoProm, but I've been working hard on other features of TunerPro as well. Lots of new stuff in this release. Lots more coming in the next release.

Download version 3.03 at [url]http://tunerpro.markmansur.com[/url]

Whats New in this version?

TunerPro Free

- Added an Item Finder ( Ctrl + F ). This is *great* for cross-referencing an address with an item, for instance when going through a hack to see if you have certain items defined or not. You can also search for key words (like, search for "fuel" will bring up any item with "fuel" in the title) and item sizes in bytes. Pretty handy, I think.
- Added a "Graphical Table Finder" ( Ctrl + G ). This is a tool for advanced users that is used for looking at entire portions of a bin file to look for patterns or certain "shapes", which usually identifies a table. Used in conjunction with the Item Finder, you can quickly see if you have a particular region defined.
- Added file association. Now, via the general preferences tab, you can associate/Unassociate bin, ecu, and bsl (TunerPro RT include ads and adl) files with TunerPro such that you can double-click these file types and they open in TunerPro.
- Fixed crash when changing table cell data when more than one table is open(!). Not sure how long this one was around, but I bet many of you ran into it.
- 16 Bit tables fully supported now (feature was in early version of GMECM Edit, but got broken). Graphing 16 Bit tables not yet supported, but on the way (need to solve "range" problems).
- Delete key no longer deletes and ECU item. It is now Ctrl + D. This was causing problems for a number of people who are used to using the Del key for deleting text.
- Max loadable bin size now technically only limited only by your system memory (was 64 kbyte max). I have capped it at 2 megs for now, though.
- Changed confusing issue: If you close TunerPro while minized, next time you start TunerPro it will now be restored.
- I'm pretty sure I fixed the "lists not showing up issue" that happens occasionally for some people. Let me know if you still experience this.

TunerPro RT (Everything above, plus this RT related stuff...)

- Data logging and playback to/from file added. This will evolve. Included is a Transport that is used for playback/recording from the other tabs.
- ALDL link more robust now. Shouldn't drop as easily on 1227165's.
- Fixed bug in ALDL Monitor #2 current value reporting incorrect units
- Making changes in the item summary list (inc/dec) updates the emulator with the changes.
- New AutoProm PROM I/O interface. A little simpler and easier to use.
- Emulation RAM to File feature now lives in its own window and is easier to use.
- Option added to preferences to keep checksum updated during emulation. Updates local bin and emulator RAM upon any change.
- Significant changes to AutoProm backend interfacing (no user impact)
- PROM I/O and emulator bin upload/verify now live their own thread. This keeps the UI from locking during these operations.
- Made changes to the ALDL Datastream format. Old versions are not compatible.
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