GMECM Edit v2.05 released!

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GMECM Edit v2.05 released!

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- Added "Item Summary". See list of items, their calc/hex values, locations, etc in a list-view. Sort/Re-order columns. Powerful! Can be shown/hidden by pressing F7. Great for freeing up precious work space. Also, you can use this list instead of the normal item list.
- ECU Item Info/Help field implemented, along with window for viewing (quick key: F10). First couple of Constants, Flags, and Tables in included 6ev010.ecu have example comments.
- Double Clicking a cell shows edit/caret.
- Pressing escape no longer closes editors.
- Pressing escape while editing a table cell returns cell to previous value.
- Added "Recent Bins" and "Recent ECUs" to File & ECU menus.
- Added error checking in bin stacker (if bins are skipped, you will be informed)
- Fixed bug in bin stacker where immediate layout isn't saved when "Append" is pressed causing potentially incorrect stack.
- Added ability to hide/show item lists. Can be toggled from view menu, or by pressing F6. Great for freeing up precious work space!
- Quick Key for editing ECU Item information moved from F1 to F2.
- Made all tool/list windows "toggle-able" by pressing their respective quick keys. Makes it easier to show/hide them.
- Preferences dialog box now consists of property sheets. Cleaner layout, etc. (Especially as more options are added).
- Changed all "Default ECU" stuff to "Load Last ECU". Concept of default ECU made less sense.
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