BMW E46 MS43 can't connect

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BMW E46 MS43 can't connect

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Hi All,

I've an issue with my BMW E46 M54B22 MS43 ecu.
It has the MS430069 firmware, I've downloaded the proper definition files for xdf and logging. When I try to connect to the ecu it's start connecting, but it takes forever and doesn't connect to the ecu. I've tried 2 different k+dcan cables. INPA and flashing works flawlessly. Tried also with different baud rate, latency settings and on different com ports. At testing it says cable working properly. I have windows 10 64bit. If anyone have an idea please let me know! Thanks!
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Re: BMW E46 MS43 can't connect

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what cables do you have?

Followed all these instructions at ms4x? ... ta_Logging
If you are having communication issues with your INPA K+DCAN cable verify that pin 7 and 8 on the OBD side of the cable are shorted together, some cables provide an external switch to connect the two pins. If no switch is present, then pin 7 and 8 needs to be soldered together.

The reason why pins 7 and 8 are not shorted together on some cables is because on the newer e90 platform pin 7 is used for K-Line and pin 8 was reassigned for ethernet communication. On the older platforms pin 7 and 8 are both used for K-Line communication.

OBD Plug Pinout
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