No Com port found

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No Com port found

Post by destino »


I have recently purchased an ALDL cable from Envyouscustoms in Australia to use with my 1995 Holden Commodore Statesman. I live in Australia. This is a GM V6 luxury sedan.

I have tried on 3 different PC's all with Windows 10.

I have loaded the drivers via the CDM20830_Setup.exe file and that says success.

I have looked in the Device manager and that tells me that I have a number of Com ports 1,3,4,5,6,7. However when I go into Turbo Pro it tells me that I only have COM1 and it is surrounded by Braces {Com1}

All 3 PC's have done something similar.

Is there anyone familiar with this process that may be able to guide me as to where I am going wrong.

Cheers and thanks.


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Re: No Com port found

Post by krav84 »

the only yt video i seen on this was one by driveway engineer. the video showed him installing tunerpro and looking into device manager to make sure com ports were there. he may be able to help

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