xdf creator and search for maps and addresses

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xdf creator and search for maps and addresses

Post by Fatto »

meanwhile, I ask if I have to make the presentation and if so where?

is the first time
that I write here .....

I take this opportunity to congratulate all of you who are contributing to this magnificent project ...

I've been using ostrich with tunerpro for some time, I'm using a classic xdf ....
I would like to have some information from you if possible

1) I saw a sw called xdf creator which I think is used to create xdf from the original file, can you give me additional information and where can I find it?

2) how can I find the various maps and addresses from the file? (example I know there are 207 maps but I don't know which ones or where they are)

3) I would like to be able to enable the bang but the ecu does not allow me to go in negative advance (example -60 °)
do you know if there is any way around the problem ??
thanks to all of you for everything a big hello

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Re: xdf creator and search for maps and addresses

Post by RangBego »

I'm also searching for this before, but then I'm stuck at the software named xdfcreator (i forgot the link so i'll provide later). The software create .xdf file from extracted .bin, but finally i'm confused because the .xdf map that exported from the software were "scrambled" into so many undefined map but it has some address at parameter summary that we could follow up & try to search what we're looking for. Maybe you could search this software (xdfcreator) at this forum & try it. I can't provide more information 'cause i'm also still learning about tunerpro.

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