How To: Enable data Tracing in TunerPro

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How To: Enable data Tracing in TunerPro

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TunerPro RT implements a feature that allows you to correlate data acquisition data with bin parameters in real-time. This feature is useful for quickly identifying problem areas in a tune and the parameters responsible for the problem. This is accomplished by "linking" an XDF (bin definition) file with an ADX (Acquisition Data stream definition) file. Once the link has been made, you can edit the XDF items to have direct links to ADX items.

Enable data tracing in TunerPro.

First take your xdf and adx files and place them in the same folder. Not needed but you may as well place the bin you are working on in the same folder. I always keep a separate folder for each car I tune, all files and logs stay in that folder.

Open TunerPro and go to File, Open bin, then and go to XDF select the xdf file, then go to Acquisition and load definition file.

1. This step does not have to be done if you set up Step 4 to Data Type/Units Match for both X Axis and Y Axis without being Explicit. If left open (not Explicit) it would gather information, maybe wrong information from any ADX.

You now need to associate the XDF file with the ADX file. Go to XDF then click on View Edit XDF Info. This will open the XDF information window and towards the bottom click on DA Assoc. First click on clear explicit link just to be sure. Then click the browse button and find the ADX file in the same folder as your XDF and choose it. Click apply then close the window. Now the items are Explicit to that ADX.


Now your XDF and ADX are associated together. But unless someone has set up each item in the XDF it will not work. So we must choose each item you would like to see data tracing on. No need to do them all, just the ones needed to watch when tuning like VE tables, Spark Tables, then down the road if there is something else you need to watch just choose it and set it up for data tracing.

2. In your tables choose the VE Fuel. Right click and choose Edit Parameter XDF Info. Go to tabs at bottom and choose Rows and set Data Type, in this case it is Engine Speed. Then go to Stock Units and in this case choose Revolutions Per Minute. Go to Row label Type and choose floating point. For any of these to work in Data tracing they should be set to Floating point. Most are set to String which will not work.


3. Now do the same thing for columns, set Data Type to Manifold Air Pressure. Set Stock units to Kilopascal. Then set Column Label to Floating point.


4. Now click on the DA Assoc. tab at bottom and click the Link and choose Data Type/Units Match for both X Axis and Y Axis. Or Explicit for Data Type/Units Match for both X Axis and Y Axis for Explicit to your ADX file. Explicit insures you are getting information from ADX that matches the XDF. Click apply and close. Now this XDF parameter will show which cell you are in while connected to car or while watching recorded data. For any others you need to associate the procedure is the same.


You don't have to do them all, the important ones would be VE Fuel, Main spark advance and anything else you'd like to see exactly where data is coming from in the chip bin file.

5. Then the ADX file needs to have the Data Types and units match with the matching XDF file in TunerPro. Go to Acquisition, Edit Definition, open Values then click on Tachometer or engine speed However your file has it listed and set the Data Type to Engine Speed and Stock Units to Revelations Per Minute, save. Now do the same for MAP kpa and save. these are the 2 that match the X axis and Y axis of VE, so your datatracing is now set for VE. Do the same for any other item you wish to watch datatracing.

6. Now when recording data or watching recorded data don't forget to click on the Enable Data Tracing button or go to Acquisition Toggle Data tracing and you will see little highlighted circles in the cells being used. If you have enabled data tracing in a Scaler it adds a box showing the data there.


Happy tuning! :rockon:
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