Yamaha R1 (RN12) ecu Mitsubishi

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Yamaha R1 (RN12) ecu Mitsubishi

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New bin definition files (xdf) series for Yamaha YZF R1 (RN12) with engine control unit Mitsubishi F8T820XX (MH5XXXF).
https://oldskulltuning.com/yamaha-r1-mi ... rpro-maps/

Available maps:

- Fuel: fuel by RPM and IAP (divided by group and cylinder), fuel by RPM and throttle (divided by gear and cylinder), target lambda.
- Ignition: main spark advance gear 1-2, main spark advance gear 3-4, main spark advance gear 5-6, main spark advance – neutral.
- Cooling Fans: fan activation temperature, fan deactivation temperature.
- Secondary Throttle: secondary throttle (divided by group).
- EXUP: exhaust ultimate power valve (divided by group).
- Special functions: RPM limiter.

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