Renault Zoe remap ecu EMS3180 with TunerPro

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Renault Zoe remap ecu EMS3180 with TunerPro

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New bin definition files (xdf) series for Renault Zoe Electric with engine control management Continental EMS3180.

Supported Zoe versions:
- Renault Zoe (ZE) 65kW Q210 my 2012
- Renault Zoe (ZE) 65kW R240 my 2015
- Renault Zoe (ZE40) 55kW R75 my 2016
- Renault Zoe (ZE40) 65kW Q90 my 2016
- Renault Zoe (ZE40) 66kW R90 my 2016
- Renault Zoe (ZE40) 80 kW R110 my 2018
- Renault Zoe (ZE50) 100kW R135 my 2019

Price 40 euro.

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