ELM ADX problem with data returns not correct

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ELM ADX problem with data returns not correct

Post by Chatchai »

Hi everyone
need help to config my ELM ADX for request Fuel Rail Pressure parameter
Service 01 PID 6D this note is correct?
send command
Hex cmd string : 0x4D 0x30 0x31 0x50 0x30 0x44 0x53 0x30 0x36 0x52 0x31
ASCII string : M01P0DS06R1

listen Packet
Packet Type : Static Packet size
timeout : 400 ms Payload offset (Dec) : 0
Body Size (Dec) : 6 Payload offset Size (Dec) : 6

68BF :shock: this is 2 bytes (hex) value I got from the data list on tunerpro it's not correct
I don't know where did he get it from? actually should be 1B0D or AC00 like that
see data response on terminal below

I'm still confused with bytes Returned 6 or 11 bytes?
see Wiki link and SAE J1979-DA OTC2011 here
https://drive.google.com/file/d/138kXx8 ... sp=sharing

at the same time, this is data response on ELM terminal
when I send 016D via AT Commands
41 6D 1B 0D AC 00 3D 00 0D AC 00 45 00
"1B 0D AC 00 3D 00 0D AC 00 45 00"

1B Support info.
0D AC Target Pressure Value (A) 00 3D Actual Pressure Value (A)
0D AC Target Pressure Value (B) 00 45 Actual Pressure Value (B)
for Both light 00 = fuel temp. is not support for this model

convert hex to decimal like 0D AC Target Pressure Value (A)
(H) 0D AC = (D) 13 172 and import to formula " FRP (kPa) = ((13*256)+172)*10 "
= 35000 kPa yes that's true! for fuel pressure target value

How can I start offset ADX for reading fuel press value from this point?
on e90 forum also same problem with Torque App but solved by Custom PIDs
https://www.e90post.com/forums/showthre ... 429&page=5

Any advice on this topic is greatly appreciated

Thank you in advance
BKK, Thailand

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