• EmUtility

Use EmUtility to emulate with any editor (even notepad)!

EmUtility is a tool for quickly uploading to, downloading from, and verifying contents of an EPROM/EEPROM emulator. Additionally, EmUtility can be used to monitor a portion of or an entire file for changes and will upload the changes to the emulator. EmUtility can be used either from the command line or as a GUI application. To use it from the command line, launch EmUtility from the command line with parameters. Pass /? for usage information. To use it as a GUI, launch it as you would any other Windows application.

EmUtility supports the following:

- Moates Ostrich (USB and Bluetooth)
- Moates AutoProm (USB, Serial, and Bluetooth)
- Moates Roadrunner (USB and Bluetooth)
- Moates Cheetah
- Xtronics Romulator I (Serial)
- Xtronics Romulator II (Serial)

See readme.txt after downloading for more info.

Current Version: 1.00.0114 - Download (94.5 KB)
(Windows 98 users must use: 1.00.0076 - Download (161 KB))
Release Date:
$0 USD (Free!) - Donate


v1.00.0114 (2/02/11)

- Added "-comport <num>" command line switch to assign EmUtility instance to hardware on specific com port

v1.00.0100 (2/08/09)

- Fixed issue where end-justify setting was being ignored (in the UI only).

v1.00.0099 (1/20/09)

- Fixed issue where Roadrunner wasn't working as expected in some scenarios

v1.00.0092 (9/7/08)

- Made EmUtility play nice for Crome, but only because I'm a nice guy.

v1.00.0076 (6/17/07)

- Fixed issues with large binary support (didn't quite work correctly before)
- Made emulation bank change persist beyond power cycles for large binaries

v1.00.0074 (5/14/07)

- Fixed processor peg while monitoring file for changes

v1.00.0074 (12/11/06)

- Added /large switch to command line for Ostrich 4Mbit support

v1.00.0071 (9/10/06)

- Updates for all the latest emulation hardware (Roadrunner especially)

v1.00.0063 (5/05/06)

- Added Ostrich large binary (4Mbit) support
- Added complete Roadrunner support
- Fixed some misspelled strings

v1.00.0015 (4/11/06)

- Initial release


• Flash n' Burn

This is the standalone software for Craig Moates' Flash n' Burn (BURN1) chip burner. This application is compatible with both the BURN1 and the AutoProm (for chip burning only).

Current Version: 1.82 (app) 1.00.3518 (PromIO.dll) - Download (974 KB)
Release Date:
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• WinEndian

This is small utility to be used for endian-swapping (changing byte order of) the contents of a file. Some applications and hardware require files to be in a specific byte order. The application naively swaps byte order in the data element size specified - 16-bit, 32-bit, or 64-bit.

Current Version: 1.01 - Download (32.7 KB)
Release Date:
$0 USD (Free!) - Donate

v1.01 (7/2/09)

- Added command line support
- Added description resource for versioning, etc

v1.0 (6/4/09)

- Initial release


Copyright 2002 - 2011 Mark Mansur