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April 23, 2024
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• Version History

5.00.10018.00 (General Release) 04/23/24)

  • Fixed issue where dragging a point in a 2D/3D graph didn't take into account column, row, or cell conversion equations, which might cause the available range to be incorrect.
  • When in percentage compare mode (for tables, functions), if either bin has 0 as a value, "?%" is now shown as the difference, instead of NaN (not a number).
  • Fixed issue where ADX List view did not showed squares or random characters in the real-time value column.

5.00.9995.00 (General Release) 12/10/23)

  • Fixed lock when viewing commands in ADX command editor

5.00.9993.00 (General Release) 11/30/23)

  • Fixed error some saw while opening datalogs

5.00.9988.00 (General Release) 11/27/23)

  • Updated version update Internet check
  • Added ability to drag and drop XDF Items in the item tree in "Parameter Type" and "Category" view mode
  • Added support for 27C010 (read only) and 29F010 (Read/Write) for AutoProm and Burn1/Burn2
  • Increased maximum category count to 2048

5.00.9827.00 (General Release) 06/02/23)

  • Fixed issue where plug-ins weren't being loaded
  • Fixed crashes in the difference tool for addresses that don't have defined XDF items. Sorry about all the issues, here. I was lax in my testing around the recent changes to the difference tool.
  • Fixed crash when checking default XDFs if check offset is larger than loaded bin

5.00.9816.00 (General Release) 05/12/23)

  • Fixed issue introduced in the last release, where selecting a difference in the difference tool didn't track it in the parameter list, and double clicking it didn't open the editor for it
  • Fixed issue where items weren't placed in the correct category in category view when their category number was greater than 255.

5.00.9813.00 (General Release) 05/09/23)

  • Fixed issue where leaving 0 in the table editor function would cause table functions that do not require input to silently fail
  • Fixed issue where categories > 255 were assigned to XDF items, they weren't loaded correctly from the XDF file.
  • Fixed issue where copying differences in the diff tool when the XDF is encrypted didn't work
  • Settings file storage path now supports unicode

5.00.9786.00 (General Release) 02/06/23)

  • Fixed issue in some cases where changes made to a table or function are not uploaded to emulation hardware while emulating
  • Fixed issues with pasting data from Excel/Sheets in various formats
  • When changing the active compare bin, the table editor table now updates propertly to show the new compare bin name

5.00.9769.00 (General Release) 11/01/22)

  • Added percentage compare mode to table and function editors
  • Added "Scale by %" to table and function editor toolbar to make it easier to scale by a percentage. Example: entering -10 and executing will reduce the selected cells by -10%. Entering 90 will increase the selected cells by 90%.
  • Added option in preferences for displayed address to take the base offset into account (the "lookup address") for example in the item summary list, or in the table editor status bar
  • Added the calculated lookup address (the item's offset into the file - the specified address with the base offset applied) to the XDF parameter editors, for reference
  • Fixed crash when double clicking table title
  • Fixed issue where table color shading disappeared when exiting comapre mode
  • Made updates to VDF importer to support base offset, EOL in tables, 32-bit, and floating point items

5.00.9685.00 (General Release) (09/29/22)

  • Added basic support for sync groups. This widely requested feature allows you to add scalars or tables to a sync group, which will ensure that changes made to one item in the group are copied to the other items of the group. This is useful, for example, for motorcycles which have fuel/spark/etc tables for each cylinder, and you might wish to keep these tables identical across cylinders. Sync groups are found in the XDF header. There's a setting added to preferences to prompt you before updating sync groups.
  • Added another widely requested feature: support for in-place axis editing in tables using internally-defined axes. This allows you to double click the row or column header to edit the axis value at that position. Manually defined axes and axes linked to a table are not supported (for manually defined axes, edit the values in the parameter editor, for linked axes, edit the values in the linked table).
  • Double-clicking a table axis that is Scaled/Linked or Normalized will open the corresponding linked table or function for inspection or edit.
  • Removed unused status bar segment in table editor
  • Fixed issue where an open scalar editor's data wasn't updated when the scalar was modified by the item summary list slider bar
  • Fixed table editor undo. When undoing actions that were taking on multiple cells at the same time (e.g. highlighted several cells, then typing in a new value to apply to all of those cells, or incrementing/decrementing cells), the action can be undone properly.
  • Fixed issue where table changes made via the toolbox (offset/scale/smooth) can't be undone.
  • Fixed issue where double clicking a table cell, making no change, then clicking another cell resulted in the loss of the first cell's data
  • Known issue: Table undo - undo changes that are made to multiple cells at once requires undoing twice. Working on a fix.

5.00.9513.00 (General Release) (1/11/22)

  • Fixed issue where copying and pasting into multiple cells in a table resulted in incorrect values being pasted
  • Further optimized table editing when (for example) copying and pasting into the table, stepping, and executing table editor functions

5.00.9503.00 (General Release) (12/22/21)

  • Note: this build will reset your settings
  • Added option to apply pending changes in open editors
  • when saving the bin to file (defaults to true, which is new behavior for this build)
  • Added MIN, MAX, FLOOR, CEILING to the list of functions available in the conversion editor.
  • Increased max ADX baud rate to 4 Mbit
  • Added new interpolation functions in X and Y directions in the table editor toolbar
  • Added ability to set the background and text colors of the parameter tree and item summary list in Preferences: Colors
  • Added ability to select multiple cells in a table, then type in a new value to be applied to all selected cells (similar to the "Fill w/ Value" functionality, but without needing to use the toolbar)
  • Optmized the table coloring code when stepping or changing a large number of cells in a table
  • Added support for the RE|FlEX line of hardware from motivmotorsport.com
  • Fixed issue where significant digits wasn't editable for manually-defined float/int table axes
  • Fixed crash when changing the row/col count of a table while the table is open for edit
  • Fixed issue where some table editor colors in preferences weren't being respected
  • Fixed crash when loading XDFs (created outside of TunerPro) that have element bodies that are larger than 0x400 bytes
  • Fixed crash when there's a circular reference in ADX value calculation

5.00.9332.00 (General Release) (05/18/21)

  • Changed table editor cell coloring behavior. Now, if the option to color table cells is enabled in preferences, all tables are colored dynamically based on the current table values, versus the previous behavior of only coloring tables if the min/max was set for the table.
  • Increased max XDF categories to 1024
  • Added support for CobraRTP FlashOnline
  • Added XDF item count in nodes within category list view
  • Fixed issue where table XDF table definition modification resulted in errant address out-of-bounds messages.
  • Fixed bug where "Use Plug-in" wasn't being selected by default for the data acquisition interface type in a new install.
  • Fixed crashes with malformed XDFs
  • Fixed crash when opening a function defined with zero rows
  • Added validation to XDF function parameter editor to avoid functions with zero rows

5.00.9290.00 (General Release) (02/25/21)

  • Added mousewheel support for zooming in 3D table graphs
  • Added data address vlidation to XDF editor. If the address of any cell in the X, Y, or Z axes of a table, or the address of any data contained in a scalar, flag, or patch falls outside the size of the bin specified in the XDF header, you'll see a warning when you apply changes to the table's XDF definition.
  • Added support for CobraRTP emulation hardware
  • Fixed crash when equation variables resolved to very large or very small values

5.00.9252.00 (General Release) (01/26/21)

  • Moved CRT DLLs out of the plug-ins directory, as their presense seems to be causing issues for some people.
  • Fixed a bug that kept table column widths from expanding to match cell contents in the table editor
  • Fixed bug where base offsets larger than 7FFF FFFF were being truncated to 7FFF FFFF.
  • Fixed bug that caused the XDF header editor to always ask if you'd like to apply changes, even when none were made.

5.00.9237.00 (General Release) (11/23/20)

  • Upgraded to Visual Studio 2019 toolset. Windows XP is no longer supported, as of this build! You can download build 9209 below if you need to run on Windows XP.
  • Updated the max baud rate for ADX serial communication to 2Mbit (from 921600).
  • Added the ability to disable tx and/or rx purging when sending ADX SendCommands and ListenSilence commands. These are checkboxes in the ADX Command editor for these. (TunerPro RT)
  • Fixed issue where, when calculating multiple bin checksums, if one checksum calculation failed but the next succeeded, TunerPro did not report the failed checksum.
  • Fixed issue where categories numbered higher than 255 couldn't be set for XDF items
  • Minor bug fixes

5.00.9209.00 (General Release) (03/01/19)
Download Free | RT

  • Fixed issue that caused values in the ADX listview to show up as dots, or boxes and apostrophes on newer builds of Windows (finally!)
  • In the difference tool, the "copy selections" buttons are now hidden/shown properly based on which column the active bin is in.
  • Fixed issue where checksum plug-ins aren't available for selection in the checksum editor if a previous XDF hasn't been loaded first.

5.00.9159.00 (General Release) (6/05/18)

  • Update VS runtime
  • Added logging when opening XDFs to help find bad markup in XDF files
  • Fixed Internet Update

5.00.9130.00 (General Release) (12/13/17)

  • Fixed issue where table and function editors weren't respecting decimal count when offsetting/copying/etc
  • Updated to VS2017 runtime

5.00.9107.00 (General Release) (08/29/17)

Download Free | RT

  • Fixed issue where patches aren't applied if base data is specified for a patch entry, and there is a global offset applied in the XDF header.
  • Fixed issue in compare tool where XDF item names weren't being displayed when an address matches a defined item
  • Updated VS2015 runtime to update 3 RC

5.00.9088.00 (General Release) (05/30/17)

  • Added ability to dock and undock tabs (Dashboards, Lists, Summary, Monitors, etc). Ctrl + F8 is the default shortkey, which can be edited in preferences. Window states and positions are saved to settings
  • Increased the max global offset to a range of +/- 32 bits
  • Added address ranges for functions and patches to the summary view
  • More robus handling of compessed log memory dumps from Moates Superlogger and other devices with onboard logging
  • Added selected address information to table editor status bar
  • Fixed issue where difference tool would show "item not defined" and the item summary list the wrong address range when a table used non-standard strides
  • Fixed crash when changing from calculated to raw hex views with two or more Funciton editors open
  • Fixed issue where Dash/Lists/Histos/Monitors would disappear
  • Fixed crash when using the "Select All" context menu item, then copying the cell contents to the clipboard
  • Fixed crash when editing an ADX that is in a deep path (>128 characters)

5.00.8942.00 (General Release) (12/14/16)

  • Added new functionality to Bin Stacker: ability to choose where null data goes, and to choose the null byte. This is useful for Ford stacking.
  • Added the abiliy to specify adjustment equations in table and function cells. For instance, if a cell has "1.2" in it, you can enter "=*2" to multiply it by 2 to get "2.4". or "=+ 3.2" to get "4.4" as a result, etc. This does not yet work in the scalar editor.
  • Added very basic mouse zooming to data acq monitors. Hold the Ctrl key and drag your mouse to zoom in on the time axis. Use the slider to reset the zoom. There are still several issues to work out.
  • Moved to Visual Studio 2015 compiler, toolset, and runtime redist. The redist bloats the download by 13MB.
  • Improved Quarterhorse initialization and bank support
  • Fixed issue with browsing for bins where you're prompted to create a file when browsing to a subdirectory
  • Fixed potential crashes when compare bins are different sizes from the editable bin

5.00.8853.00 (General Release) (11/26/15)

Download Free | RT

  • Added the ability to double click on an item in the acquisition Item List panel to go straight to its editor page in the ADX Editor (useful!)
  • Added the ability to right click on a gauge in the acquisition dashboard panel to go straight to the dashboard's editor page in the ADX Editor (useful!)
  • Added validation to log file export to csv/tsv to ensure that outputted strings don't contain the delimiter (e.g. a bitmask state string has a comma in it when exporting to comma-separated value file), which will cause columns to shift in the output
  • Added change tracking to the ADX editor. Now, when changes are made, you'll be prompted to save when hitting the window close or cancel buttons in the ADX Editor
  • In the function editor, the save button icon changes when in emulation mode, matching the other editors.
  • When the bin compare tool is open and a new XDF is loaded, the compare tool is automatically closed, since the results are no longer valid
  • Fixed issues around emulation being enabled, then emulation hardware being released without first disabling emulation
  • Fixed issue where apply button wasn't enabled when editing the conversion equestion for XDF Scalars
  • Fixed issue where Endianness in XDF checksums wasn't being loaded from file correctly, resulting in the little endian checksums losing their little endianness when the XDF was loaded, leading to incorrect calculation
  • Fixed issue where ADX Bitmask true and false strings weren't escaped, which is required for XML strings
  • Fixed crash in item finder (Ctrl + F) when clicking in the whitespace after the returned item list
  • Fixed several issues with CSV->XDF importer, including broken row and column count field, and occasional skip of last field in a line
  • Fixed crash when browsing for an ADX item to display in a dashboard gauge, but selecting nothing and clicking "OK"

5.00.8713.00 (General Release) (7/11/15)

  • Simplified ADS importation. An ADS now loads immediately without being prompted to save, and the user is prompted to save before closing TunerPro or opening another definition, and added "save" and "save as" acquisition menu items
  • Added buttons to clear explicit data acquisition links in XDF tables and scalars
  • Added save and save as menu items to the Acquisition menu for datastream definitions
  • Compare bins can now be loaded when no primary bin is loaded
  • Difference tool will now allow you to compare bins when no primary bin is loaded
  • Fixed issue where 8-bit uploads to 16-bit emulators such as the Roadrunner failed
  • Fixed issue where ADX header pause and unpause commands aren't saved
  • Fixed hang when using the zoom feature in the ADX Monitor tab
  • Fixed possible delay when opening files from a removable path with no media in the drive. For common paths only (XDF, bin, ADX).
  • Fixed issue where colors could be repeated too frequently when adding ADX items to monitors through the context (right-click) menu
  • Fixed issue where explicit DA links in XDF Tables and Scalars were saved without hitting the apply button
  • Fixed issue where incrementing/decrementing items in the summary list didn't take the XDF global offset into account, and didn't properly align for 16-bit hardware (e.g. Roadrunner)

5.00.8606.00 (General Release) (3/17/15)

  • Exposed the ability to specify an ADX command to send when scanning is paused and unpaused. This required that the ADX Defaults be moved to the "More" tab in the ADX Header editor.
  • Made vast improvements to the Moates Onboard Logger interface (for the Demon and Superlogger hardware), including multi-threading to keep the UI from locking up during long operations, auto-population of ADX for export, flash memory export to and import from file, and much more
  • Added a very naive XDF parameter bulk editor. It will change endianness, sign, and will offset specified positive or negative amount all address equal to or greater than the offset
  • Fixed issue where passing in a checksum element size less than 8 bits could result in an infinite loop during checksum calcutation
  • Fixed issue where ADX List View separaters weren't being updated in real-time in the ADX editor while typing or changing separator text color
  • Fixed issue where function graphs couldn't be interacted with
  • Fixed issue where command timeouts weren't being passed to the port when running in shared emulator<->dataAcq mode

5.00.8519.00 (General Release) (11/19/14)

  • XDF Item Finder toolbox is now resizeable
  • When a table graph is open and a new compare bin is loaded from the compare menu, the graph is now refreshed to show the new bin
  • When opening a new XDF with the XDF Item Finder toolbox open, the toolbox is now automatically closed
  • Fixed crash when attempting to connect to ALDL stream in AutoProm mode with no AutoProm attached to the PC
  • Fixed issue with keyboard shortcut assignment where attempting to assign the Escape key resulted in the shortcut window closing instead of assignment of the key itself
  • Fixed issue where choosing "Save As..." when saving an ADX didn't cause the editor title bar to update with the new filename and path
  • Fixed issue where recursion in a table or function equation wasn't properly being tracked and reported, resulting in over-reporting of recursion
  • Fixed a subtle but particularly heinous bug where XDF conversion questions that were recursive could result in variables with the same name being overwritten during recursive calculation (e.g. "CELL(ROW()+1; 0; FALSE) - X", where the value of X is set in the initial calculation frame, then overwritten when the CELL function is called with the value of X in that calculation frame))
  • Fixed issue with patches that would falsely report a buffer is patched when a portion of it is not actually patched
  • Fixed issue where table axis links may not always be resolved on XDF load. Current fix has very minor performance implication with large XDFs. Future improvement planned.

5.00.8414.00 (General Release) (8/25/14)

  • Fixed issue that prevented tables from being saved when a base offset is used that results in the table's unadjusted address being outside of the bin
  • Fixed issue where editing XDF table properties in the XDF editor while the table is open didn't result in the table reflecting the changes
  • Fixed issue where adding a new ADX item, then immediately dragging it to a new index in the tree without setting an ID, would result in an endless loop of errors

Known issue to be fixed in next build:

  • issue that may cause table axis links not to be resolved on XDF load

5.00.8383.00 (General Release) (4/30/14)

  • Fixed issue where a particular piece of hardware wasn't properly detected
  • Fixed issue introduced in build 8369 where Moates Ostrich 2.0 address watch (tracing) used incorrect addressing
  • Fixed issue with ELM327 plug-in where first byte of 2-byte PID was always 0
  • Updated ELM327 plug-in version number to 0.6

5.00.8369.00 (General Release) (4/9/14)

Note: persisted settings are reset with this release

  • Added ability to import an XDF from a character-separated file (CSV, TSV, etc)
  • Added support for Craig Moates' Demon II
  • Added ELM327 plug-in and definition to installer, instead of requiring separate download
  • Added 2-byte PID support to ELM327 plug-in
  • Fixed issue that prevented AutoProm A/D channels from being logged in 160 baud packets
  • Fixed issue where when comparing bins in a 3D chart, axes were not updated apporpriately when they are defined internally
  • Fixed issue where adding a new custom tool didn't show the new tool in the list until after the "Apply" button was pressed.
  • Fixed address watch functionality for Moates RoadRunner hardware
  • Fixed issue that caused category names for categories >255 to wrap back around to 0, potentially resulting in mixed up category names.
  • Fixed issue in difference tool where, when copying from one bin to the other, the difference count in the tool isn't updated, and the bin isn't marked as modified (asterisk in the title bar)
  • Fixed issue where table editor changes are discarded when the table editor is open while the XDF parameter properties are modified.
  • Moved to Visual Studio 2013. This should not result in changes to the end-user. If you encounter issues launching this build of TunerPro on your PC, please notify me. This does make the installer/downloader a bit larger (~600KB). Sorry about that.

5.00.8202.00 (General Release) (9/3/13)

Download: Free | RT

  • Added a refresh button to the onboard logging utility UI
  • Added ability to zoom time axis in datalogging monitor tab. This will be refined in coming builds.
  • Fixed CPU spike when playing back logs (build 8202, RT only)
  • Fixed issue where IEEE floating point values weren't being properly saved, causing lockup when re-opening
  • Fixed issue where dashboard and monitor were not updated in scanning in AutoProm active mode
  • Fixed issue with Moates Onboard Logging utility where a full flash wasn't properly being reported in the UI
  • Settings used to export logs from the Demon using the onboard logging utility are now persisted across sessions
  • Progress is now shown in the Moates onboard logging utility when exporting logs and when querying session information
  • Fixed issue where emulation download-to-file resulted in CancelOperation being called after the read request (plug-in model)
  • Fixed issue where emulation download-to-file didn't properly call GetJustificationOffset (plug-in model)

5.00.8144.00 (General Release) (5/13/13)

Download: Free | RT

  • The installer now registers the TPK (registration) file type with Windows. When you receive your key, you need only double-click it to register, now.
  • Added the ability to the difference tool to copy bin data from right to left or left to right
  • Fixed issue where associated commands for items imported from an ADS weren't set
  • Fixed issue where default ADX parameters weren't respected when new ADX Value is created

5.00.8139.00 (General Release) (3/08/13)

  • Added the ability to stack 2KB bins in the bin stacker
  • Fixed issue where importing ECUs would result in broken checksums until the ECU file was saved as an XDF.
  • Fixed issue with data tracing bubble in tables where axis values are repeated
  • Fixed issues with non-functioning menus, buttons, and controls when secondary monitor is mapped to the left of the main monitor on a multi-monitor system.

5.00.8075.00 (General Release) (1/08/13)

  • Note: Your stored settings will be reset when you run this build.
  • When browsing for a datalog (XDL) file, the browse now starts in the path of the last XDL loaded
  • When exporting an XDL to a comma-separated log, double clicking an item in either list will add or remove it
  • When opening the item finder (Ctrl + F), the input text field now has focus and the text is selected by default.
  • Fixed a minor bug when patches used the max size data payload of 256 bytes
  • Fixed unresponsive state in XDF table properties editor when reducing row/col count with out-of-range cell selected
  • Fixed issue with raw addresses to 16-bit values used in conversions

5.00.8040.00 (General Release) (7/12/12)

  • Added editor toolbar to function editor (similar to table editor toolbar) for scaling and modification of function values en masse
  • Fixed crash when using Moates logger utility with upcoming Moates hardware
  • Fixed wrong report of total flash space in upcoming Moates hardware
  • Fixed broken custom tools menu
  • Fixed issue where copying and pasting tables with linked axes would result in the axis and data acquisition links not being copied or properly set up after pasting

5.00.8008.00 (General Release) (6/28/12)

  • Added native 32-bit (single precision) floating point support for floating point ECUs. At the moment, no transformations (i.e. equations) are supported for floating point data (the equation must be a simple variable, e.g. 'X')
  • Added a new XDF item type - the Patch - which enables the ability to change data at scattered locations throughout the bin
  • Added shortcuts to the Window menu - Close Active and Save Active. These can be assigned to keyboard shortcuts
  • When selecting "Window->Close All", user is prompted if closing window has uncommitted changes
  • Fixed a bug that could cause byte swapping not to happen internally when it should, resulting in bad data being saved to the bin.
  • Fixed crash in checksum module when address is out of range
  • Fixed issue where, while the caret was visible while editing a cell in a table, hitting the save or commit button didn't first save the edit-in-progress.
  • Fixed issue where copy/paste of XDF items didn't work in the free (non-RT) version
  • When browsing for an ADX, the browse window defaults to the folder from which the last ADX was loaded
  • Fixed issue where ADX version strings could be longer than the allowable length. The length is now limited in the ADX editor, and it has been increased to 40 characters.

5.00.7774.00 (General Release) (10/5/11)

  • Added the ability to close log files (in the Acquisition menu)
  • Added ability to read EECIV and EECV stock calibrations with Moates Quarterhorse
  • Added basic undo support for typed-in values in the table/function editors
  • Hooked up one's compliment and two's compliment checksum calculation (they were available, but non-functional)
  • Added ability to set the keyboard shortcuts for increment/decrement
  • Added support for Buell race ECUs to Buell plug-in
  • Fixed issue where table XDF parameter editor wasn't saving the 3rd category level
  • Fixed missing tooltip for cancel toolbar button in table editor and function editor
  • Fixed issue where selection tracking may not be accurate when selecting multiple regions in the table editor (e.g. Ctrl + lbutton + drag on multiple regions)
  • Fixed issue where address watch (hit tracing) wasn't correctly tracking in table extremities

5.00.7686.00 (General Release) (5/22/11)

  • Playing with toolbar icons. These may change for a few releases until I find icons that I like.
  • Added category icons in the parameter tree
  • XDF item min and max are now properly respected in the main editors for items with limiting enabled
  • Added a 3rd category level
  • Circular references in XDF object equations no longer result in crash
  • XDF Editor now warns of circular references
  • Changed the way categories are displayed. Category A is the root level category, Category B is the next level, etc. Uncategorized items live at the root of their respective nodes.
  • Fixed issue on XP where disabled menu items weren't always grayed
  • Fixed inaccuracy and plain incorrectness with ROUND and MROUND functions in certain common situations
  • Fixed XDF object clipboard copy and paste when object is unusually large or complex
  • Fixed deadlock when calculating expressions that result in infinity/NaN (e.g. Log(0))
  • Fixed issue where axis normalizer index cells were improperly rounded when calculating, leading to incorrect axis calculation
  • Fixed issue that prevented log files from being saved to a volume other than the TunerPro volume
  • Fixed issue where seeking in log with keyboard shortcuts wasn't resulting in updated transport or the status bar log time

5.00.7575.00 (General Release) (3/31/11)

  • ADXSendCommand editor now removes newlines and carriage returns from the ASCII command string before parsing
  • When patching a bin from an S19 file, user is prompted with success state of patch (success/fail)
  • Added more robust S19 file verification
  • If a custom tool fails to launch, user is notified
  • Fixed issue when multi-selecting or drag-selecting in graph UI, where only two points were ever selected after a bunch of weirdness
  • Fixed installer issue where Plugins directory was at the root of the user documents folder instead of in "TunerPro Files"
  • Fixed issue in equation parser where a leading left-parenthesis in a function parameter broke the parser (e.g. ROUND((1 + 2)/2;0) )
  • Fixed issue where rotating 3D graph with right-click didn't capture the mouse when moving outside of the window
  • Fixed issue where graphing 16 bit tables improperly limited point dragging

5.00.7532.00 (General Release) (1/30/11)

  • Enabled ability to send ADX commands manually outside of a connection (previous was connected-only) (scanning thread re-work)
  • Fixed manual command sender toolbar sort order (was alphabetical, now it's the order specified in the ADX)
  • Fixed crash when ADX was edited while scalar editor with linked ADX value is open and tracing
  • Fixed monitor cursor and log engine playback location discrepency when editing an ADX while viewing a log
  • Fixed log recording/playback timer issue that caused large stall at beginning of playback
  • Fixed checksum issue where only the first calculation routine (sum) worked

5.00.7431.00 (General Release) (1/1/11)

  • Fixed bug in monitor pane where integer data types were displayed as floating point at the cursor
  • Fixed website and update link launching

Older Changes

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