getting started

For those of you brave enough to try the beta releases, please ask your questions and post your issues here! Remember, the more info the better!

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getting started

Post by The_Punisher454 »

I just DL'd ScannerPro and have been spending some time trying to figure out dash design and such. My truck is currently down so I dont have anything running at the moment to get a datalog from for testing.

If somebody has a log from an $8D $42 or $0D.
I've searched high and low and cant find any datalog samples from scannepro anywhere.

Anyhow, what I've seen so far looks awesome.
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Post by DENN_SHAH »

i have a small 8D log, but you don't have an email address listed.
i think you'll really like what you see with ScannerPro, i know i like it, i like it alot :lol: