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Honda 2.0L VTEC K20Z2 tuning Keihin new xdf

Posted: Mon Jan 17, 2022 12:07 am
by OldSkullTuning
New TunerPro bin calibration file (XDF) for Honda 2.0L i-Vtec engine code K20Z2 with engine control unit Keihin.

Supported cars:
Honda Civic S (FD) 2.0L Vtec
Honda Accord (CU) 2.0L Vtec
Honda Accord (CW) 2.0L Vtec
Acura CSX 2.0L Vtec

Available maps:
- Fuel: target lambda, target lambda closed loop, target lambda by engine coolant temperature, target lambda low VTEC, target lambda high VTEC.
- Ignition: spark advance high vtec, spark advance low vtec, spark advance minimum.
- Throttle: throttle linearisation.
- i-VTEC: intake camshaft position at partial load, intake camshaft position at high load, vtec activation.
- Temperature: calculated exhaust temperature.
- Idle: desired idle engine speed by engine coolant temperature, desired idle engine speed after start by engine coolant temperature.
- Air Calculation: air mass flow depending on voltage – MAF.
- Special Functions: RPM limiter in neutral gear, RPM limiter.

Price 50 euro
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