1998 Ranger PWM/J3 ECM

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1998 Ranger PWM/J3 ECM

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My 1st post...
requiring directions on how to go about custom tuning the PCM for this year of truck

I've searched aftermarket rebuilders & inquired on sites (latest being Forscan which have the program) on the hardware & software program needed to retune this old style pwm/feps pcm.

I learned on Forscan that this pcm is mostly restrictive access because of the format that the software is written on & because of that my Forscan program cannot touch it.

Later FTDI based pcm's are very easy to interface with & do reprogramming.
What do I need to do very simple tuning alterations to this pcm?

All I want to do is alter the engine idle rpm profile & alter the trans upshift/downshift parameters to remove (what I regards as) an error in the sequence that the trans upshifts & then downshifts.

Nothing else, everything else with the way the truck runs is fine.

I purchased the truck new in 98 & right from the getgo I brought to the dealers attn the issue with the engine idle & the trans programming but back then Ford didn't allow any sort of dealer custom tuning to alter what Ford back then labelled as emissions alterations.

Hope someone here can lend some assistance......

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