Tuner Pro gets me excited... BUT

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Tuner Pro gets me excited... BUT

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Hey all.. Im so glad that i have found tuner pro. I am surprised this software hasn't gone absolutely viral!

Anyway tuning is not new to me but id still say i am a Novice when it comes to actual hands on experience.
So now im getting into it again after purchasing a 2001 WRX GG (Bugeye Wagon) and tunerPro looks great and i really want too learn it, So i have been trying now for a couple of weeks to make a xdf for my WRX from scratch, from a Bin that i dumped from the ECU.. Step learning curve... But ive given in for now as patience wears thin and i wanna get to the fun part...

What i would really appreciate is if someone could share with me a bin, xdf (for that bin) a adx and a few logs for a modern (2010 and newer) engine.. be it car or bike.. But a WRX or R1 would be nice as i already know them.

I must admit as a new potential user (and i will purchase) the acquirement of xdf AND adx files has been so frustrating.. even an official document that tells you the required format and layout, or how to make one from scratch would be great.. And of course a XDF creator/convertor would be ideal.
The frustrating thing really is the people out there "praying" on new users to make a profit whilst ripping them off, and ive had a few people promise to sell me a usefull xdf.. one very well known seller backed out once they discovered that i know what maps should be there after they tried to tell me that 5-10maps is all they make a $135 Aussie dollars xdf for...
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