V5 compatibility and usage

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V5 compatibility and usage

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Ive been all over the place the past week with different cables and softwares trying to put together a reasonable way of tuning my car. I keep coming back to tunerpro but i am unable to get any hardware to operate with the RT version. After messing around with the regular version in a copy of my cars bin file i also found that i cant save the files without a checksum error. The files still save but i dont know enough about what that error means to attempt to actually use those files. I get this error even if i altered nothing. Im on a windows 11 laptop with the most current versions of tunerpro and tunerpro RT. Last thing is that i wonder if anyone knows how i might be able to input wideband data, or if its even possible here. I also have the same inability to communicate with pcm logger although pcm hammer works fine. Im not sure if these are related.

Thank you to anyone who responds.
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Re: V5 compatibility and usage

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It sounds like the definition you are using does not update the checksum(s) correctly if you get a checksum error when saving an unaltered calibration.
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