Yamaha Waverunner 1.8L ecu Mitsubishi TunerPro xdf

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Yamaha Waverunner 1.8L ecu Mitsubishi TunerPro xdf

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New TunerPro bin calibration file (XDF) for Yamaha JetSki with engine 1.8L and engine control unit Mitsubishi.

File size 1.25MB.

Some of the supported JetSki:

Yamaha FX-HO 1.8L Supercharged
Yamaha FX-HO 1.8L
Yamaha FX-SHO 1.8L Supercharged
Yamaha FX-SVHO 1.8L Supercharged
Yamaha FZR 1.8L Supercharged
Yamaha FZS 1.8L Supercharged
Yamaha GP1800 1.8L Supercharged
Yamaha VXR 1.8L Supercharged
Yamaha VXS 1.8L Supercharged

Also supported Yamaha 242X dual engine 1.8L Supercharged.

You can work on the main engine maps like target lambda, fuel depending by rpm and throttle, air load limiter, throttle response and rpm limiter.

Price 70 euro.

Post: https://oldskulltuning.com/yamaha-jetsk ... erpro-xdf/

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