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Welcome to the the pre-release page. The purpose of a pre-release build is to gather information about potential bugs and gather feedback on the usability of the software.


Contacting Me

Always contact me with crashing bugs. I prefer to be contacted via email (as opposed to forums). Provide as much information as possible to reproduce the crash, including files necessary whenever possible.

For bug reports, usability issues or suggestions, or simple feature requests, please email me.


During a pre-release phase, the most important report is a bug report. If you run into a bug, please take a few moments to help out by retracing your steps (as precisely as possible) to reproduce the bug. Email as much information as you can (there is no such thing as too much in these cases) and be sure to include the following:

Operating system including service packs (i.e XP, XP SP1, Vista, Win7, etc)
System information - Amount of RAM, Processory type (multi-proc?), speed
Please include a BIN, XDF, ADX, XDL or any necessary files where applicable.
Clear steps to reproduce the bug.

PLEASE DO NOT POST BUGS IN FORUMS - EMAIL THEM DIRECTLY TO ME INSTEAD! This allows me to get the most information possible.

Simple Feature Requests:

If you have suggestions on how to make the program easier to use or understand, please email your suggestions to me. Be clear about what feature you're referring to. Try to explain why the current implimentation is inadequate. Most importantly, please try to provide examples of how you would like to see it work (or look).

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